national organisations of (ex-)users and survivors of psychiatry across the continent.

ENUSP is the only independent grassroots umbrella organisation on a European level that unifies (among others) national organisations of (ex-)users and survivors of psychiatry across the continent.
www.enusp.orgAdvocacy Update is our newsletter

ENUSP is an initiative to give (ex-)users and survivors of psychiatric services a means to communicate, to exchange opinions, views and experiences in order to support each other in the personal, political and social struggle against expulsion, injustice and stigma in our respective countries.ENUSP is the only grassroots umbrella organisation on a European level that unifies (among others) nati…Mehr anzeigen

The European Network aims to promote and improve the human rights of (ex-)users and survivors of psychiatry; to fight for (ex-)user/survivor controlled alternatives to psychiatry and against abuse and coercion. On the very first European Conference the following guiding principle has been adopted:The European Network is against any unilateral approach to, and stigmatisation of mental and emotional distress, madness, human suffering and unconventional behaviour.
The European Network should support (ex-)users’/survivors‘ autonomy and responsibility in making their own decisions (self-determination).

In order to implement this principle, priority has been given to the following areas:

Act against any kind of discrimination in society (both inside and outside the mental health care system) of people who have been subject to the psychiatric system;
Support development of (ex-)user/survivor groups throughout Europe (with a particular emphasis on those countries where there are no existing organisations);
Create and support new alternatives to the psychiatric system and collect and share information on the existing ones;
Influence and try to change present treatment in psychiatry.
The European Network attempts to influence policy at a European level and maintains contacts with other international organisations active in the mental health field. Contacts and collaboration have been set up with the World Health Organisation (WHO), the European Union, the European Disability Forum, the International Labour Organisation (ILO), Mental Health Europe/Santé Mental Europe (the former European Regional Council of the World Federation for Mental Health) etc.

Advocacy Update, ENUSP’s newsletter:
From its editor, Debra Shulkes:Hello everyone –

It’s quite amazing to see how large our group has grown. I wanted to introduce myself: I edited the first edition of Advocacy Update, our magazine produced entirely by volunteers with three big goals:

To draw attention to the situations of users and survivors of mental health systems, especially in Europe

To promote these communities’ courageous work to ensure you know about the campaigns and activities of the ENUSP board of volunteers (and to invite you to join in)

To build a strong forum for the exchange ideas, resources, art and support as we fight for our rights, dignity and alternatives.

Have you had a chance to look at our magazine yet? If not, you can find your free copy here:


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